The Post-iest with the Most-iest

Me and Amy
Me and Amy

Hello All!

Which of course is mostly just me thus far.  Here is my first deliciously bloggy post –

are you ready?

So I am here in Paris in the third quarter drinking some mint tea and obviously computing away. I have been living in this somewhat uncomfortably small but beautifully decorated little flat with my brother, sister-in-law, and relatively new little niece. The space is an issue, but the location is perfect! We’re close to pretty much everything!  It really is awesome here – despite the space constraints or the missing appliances…  So far we have hit Notre Dame, the Concorde,  the Grand Palais, the BHV (lol), the Eiffel Tower, and the Sorbonne. It is pretty amazing! I have been able to eat, see and do so many things since arriving. Neil and Amy have been so gracious in bringing me with on their trip.

The Illustrius Tower
The Illustrious Tower

My favorite meal thus far was a steak with bearnaise sauce I had near the Sorbonne at this great Brasserie Balzar. Amy, Vivienne, and I stopped at this little place around the corner from the Sorbonne before a free performance. The music was Baroque (or to the untrained ear “broke” har har har) and I know my dad would have loved it. That delicious steak was accompanied by another of my favorites – perfectly buttered pomme puree (mashed potatoes – which surprisingly enough our new little mouth, Viv, detests).

One of my best photos (in my opinion) so far was on the back end of Notre Dame on my solo expedition.

Notre Dame's Fine Behind!
Notre Dame's Fine Behind!

Some of my best shopping experiences so far include a great find at a thrift store called “Free P*** Star” – yes, you fill in the gaps. I’m pretty sure it means what I think it means – and no they don’t sell clothes related specifically to that profession. The other great finds were discovered while perusing France’s largest flea market. Awesome goods! I have so many knickknacks and brick a brack that I think I am set for life – or at least one apartment’s worth of decorating. I will post later, but I discovered these great old prints/postcards of Sacre Couer and Montematre taken in somewhere around 1915. I also walked away with this great older lovers postcard with a full love letter written on the back, a little muchoir (kerchief) that is tres jolie! and some great kitsch. The shopping here is right up my alley – but that really isn’t too hard to accomplish!

In any case, since coming here I have been keeping a written journal – as a reminder to myself all of the details of the trip and possibly for aiding future family members in planning their trips. I will have to type up those entries as well since they are all part of the Parisian goodness I have been lucky enough to experience.

So for now just to serve as a brief introduction to my blog and to catch up on events thus far, here are a few random and favorite pictures from our trip.

Thanks all and merry travels – if not that then at least holidays and future journeys!

Another of my Favorites!
Another of my Favorites!

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